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tv   [untitled]    February 3, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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to other news now in europe the major powers to follow the u.s. in calling for an immediate political transition in egypt however russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov told r.t. that foreign intervention is not necessary to help resolve the crisis in egypt i don't think outsiders. should really be pushing gypped one way or another i don't think any suggestions from also going to be helpful and they're going to lead to a sustainable resolution of the situation i don't think that if you show lines at the bottom a term. you know there are. strongly believe that the egyptian political forces political groups must themselves for in the way i. mean you can watch the full version of the interview with russian foreign minister
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sergei lavrov in our spotlight program this saturday. well there's a similar wave of protests in nearby yemen a pro and anti-government demonstrators have been holding process in the capital sanaa while thousands of opposition supporters are holding a day of rage demanding the resignation of the country's president ali abdullah saleh a supporters of the current government also gathered for a rally accusing the opposition of trying to create chaos demonstrations come a day after the yemeni president pledged not to seek another term in office for lay has been in power for over thirty years. now with the still to come on the program preparing for takeoff. one hundred receives its ticket into the skies as it's officially certified for.
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a romantic free news and they said break up the new york times is on the finer things in juvenile songs to boost profits popularity before ditching him like a prison olympics to. investigators now think they know the identity of the suicide bomber who carried out the douma dead of the airport attack last month but president would that have warned against hasty conclusions until the case has been fully sold within the gradual that has been following developments in this case i believe this has been the federal security service says they know not only the name of the plot the trade all of the attack at the airport but they also know the names of the monster minds all the time we had of russia's major mastic security agency that was be today with or should be nice to the president he also said that the agency's now doing everything possible to arrest all those who they believe are linked to the attack and to do that soon as possible several people
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have been already a arrested and there is a manhunt for a number of others as a result of this major attack of the country's largest outboards and the be easiest to transport thirty six people were killed among them six born citizens and as many as one hundred ninety two people what we've just in the way called the attack presently very promised those in charge would be prosecuted tend to be resist will be illuminated on the sports today they had a practice be also confirmed that they have identified this use side boehmer here's how the out of russia's main security agency described the man so. i will just name the age of this person he is twenty years old he lived in one of the north caucasus republics according to our information. he joined one criminal group last august which was based in a mountainous area the evidence shows that the suicide bomber was under heavy drugs when the explosion it confirms how criminals prepare suicide bombers for these kind
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of crimes. this twenty year old man has not been disclosed in the survey shows still go in and out of his business but that reality of so young man could have been linked to the attack also the president russia which dated today expressed was a certain level of optimism holding the call but he also urged both police and others be to be very cautious when releasing any information on this case to mass media as the case has not yet reached the courts and invest it in britain best to gauge has been very harsh rhetoric all the way in the attack from the president and we missed a major shake up in russia's transport the. more there's always more news blogs and dorry's along the websites r.t. dot com here's what's online right now houses a warm welcome to. find out about a new subject that's being added to school curriculums in russia. what
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happens to music that song in the wrong language take a look where russian culture may no longer be. the whistle blowing web site and we hear leaks is nominated for a nobel peace prize its founder june in the song they have lost himself an ally the new york times it's made a fortune off the new material seems to be turning its back on these of australia in a poor noir examples the twists and turns of the rocky relationship. it was a love story in the making i don't blame the new york times for running the story nomadic are strongly in with classified u.s. documents an american newspaper with the power to print that in june of last year i got
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a fairly mysterious phone call from the editor in chief of the guardian newspaper in london asking if we were interested in partaking in a vast trove of secret u.s. documents the new york times and julian a songe developed a relationship all other u.s. mainstream media outlets envied boycie leaks wiki leaks wiki leaks wiki leaks wiki leaks wiki leaks the new york times first introduced readers to the popular whistleblower website in june publishing classified u.s. war logs posted on wiki leaks in the midst of a declining readership and a shrinking budget a songe was a blessing for the times. the paper has printed two hundred stories on a songe more than five hundred on wiki leaks articles detailing shocking field reports of u.s. operations in afghanistan chaos and illegal activity behind the iraq war and embarrassing diplomatic tactics used by the u.s. state department but like many passionate romances he told us he wouldn't sleep in one place more than one night if he had to the gray lady has kicked the blonde out
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of bed and is now selling juicy details of a six month affair for just under six bucks mitchell impressions of julian assange you know send up some red flags new york times employees describe a songe as a source not a partner or collaborator a man who acted like a fugitive conspiratorial and contemptuous of the u.s. government it seems to me exteriorly opportunists to take the information to deal with the guy to use the information and then to say well he's more. of a villain or man on the loose or on the run when in fact they're using isn't. nation trying to disparage his character at the same time the timing may not be a coincidence the u.s. justice department is conducting a criminal investigation into wiki leaks reportedly looking into the espionage act to prosecute
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a songe government official say publishing secret documents from the pentagon and state department created a national security risk controversy or wiki leaks founder is whole wiki leaks flat wiki leaks scandal but even mainstream media echoing the government's criticism talk much less about lindsay britney and charlie sheen when we can leaks wacks the world with a new load of secrets surrounding government corruption they do quite a different good songe in an interview with sixty minutes says it's about giving people information they need if you are a whistleblower and you having to rule it is important we will accept it we will defend you and we will publish it you can't turn away material simply because it comes from states yet ironically our first amendment powerhouse within the united states is turning its back on a man utilizing free speech to garner government accountability and transparency they have a vested interest in new york times in making julian or songe out to be something
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that the public cannot rely on because once the rest of us speaking i am going to wiki leaks to get our information and we begin bypassing the new york times then the new york times loses more and more business and eventually it disappears in this case the new york times has gone from writing about the story to making itself a part of the story and now it's up to readers and viewers to decide if the newspaper in this narrative is a protagonist and hero or just a slimy heartthrob that seduced a source reap the rewards and then. turn up for nigh on r.t. new york. across the canal to our top story further clashes and heavy gunfire marking another day of all people in egypt support a slayer is live in the capital city four point zero what's happening on the streets of the capital right now. well alice as i'm speaking to you the vice president omar suleiman is holding
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a press conference that has been both cost live on egyptian state television we've just heard him say that these clashes are the result of conspiracy groups at play he also has said that earlier he met with various youngsters with some of the organizers of these demonstrations that they have asked him for one or two days until they hold another meeting and he agreed to that he also says that around august september of this year the new candidates will be publicized in terms of who will stand for the next elections he's also outlined a roadmap for reforms and he also says that the parliament has suspended all its work until an investigation is carried out into this violence and we heard something similar earlier from the prime minister he apologized for the violence he said that a probe would be conducted to bring those who were responsible to book but speaking to many egyptians many feel that an independent investigation is impossible in this country because largely it does not have the mechanisms to conduct one and it
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hasn't conducted one in the past a short time ago the russian president dmitri medvedev spoke with hosni mubarak by telephone he said that he hopes that the protests will in soon he also called for the situation to calm down i can tell you though that in the last few hours there has been an increase in tension particularly targeting journalists and targeting foreign form of foreign people in this country where i'm bored costing to you from the doors of all being closed the signage has all been taken off we've been told to remain indoors and less it's essential for us to go outside and as a result i was unable to got to meet august missed it by him camille thank you very much for coming into the studio you have said that the mainstream media is missing the mainstream point of view what is this point of view that including yours if i may just comment on what you have just said of course is passing through a period of kind of stuff. five o'clock in the afternoon and therefore movement in
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the street is supposedly should be it's supposedly for a bit in one hundred percent i have come from. this through the you and this is in violation of the curfew however let me say the following the situation in egypt is not pleasant we have to ministrations entirely the square but i would like just to communicate the message to the whole world that the minority demonstrating in square do not represent egypt or the egyptians so what is so what is mainstream point of view the mainstream point of view they are for a change but they are for orderly change they are for president mubarak to complete his. presidency which ends in september of this
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year september october of this year all i can say is that president mubarak has been forthcoming in accepting certain changes. the proposal for certain changes in the egyptian. he has already appointed a vice president which is very well known for his integrity and for his capable and his capabilities is what. do you think it is just to move ahead do you think that there are other factors at play had do you think there is political interference from abroad absolutely. it is it's things it's things are not much the. there is almost a concert going on being played by the foreign media
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and part by the foreign governments which foreign governments just to to be very specific i was very disappointed that the president of the united states would call on us to move immediately and instantly to make changes as if we are the fifty first state of the united states we are not and we will not be do you think that the united states is meddling in internal egyptian a phase. when the dust settles i think we have to study a lot of files and i think we have to settle a lot of accounts do you think that other regimes in the area that all supported by the united states are watching what's happening here carefully and they are afraid that the united states might send them a double message in the same way that it seems to be standing egyptians a double message one minute it supports mubarak the next minute it seemingly doesn't but i tell you what the other governments and what other. countries are
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thinking do i cannot judge but i can judge only about egypt that egypt is safe that egypt that he presented by the majority of egyptians are going to be able to deal effectively with the difficult. situation that we have at the moment i think yesterday to be specific i was leading a demonstration attended by hundreds of thousands of egyptians to us peacefully it was giving a simple message yes for orderly change yes for the changes that have been proposed by our president but he. for a stable egypt and yes for a better future for all egyptians what about europe's role in everything that's happening at the moment i hate to say that the art of following the footsteps of
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the united states and i am very very thankful for the statement that was made by mr glover if you are foreign minister i'm i don't know what president medvedev has said daughter president but i'm sure to russia as a country understand the egypt very well and they were not in the trap of trying to sell egypt short what about extremism ave concerns that there are extremist elements at play organizing and perhaps behind the scenes in these demonstrations absolutely i am no and this is why i i believe that the foreign media when they the power to on the incidents at the heater square they are missing the point completely they are not understanding what egypt is going through so once again what is that point. extremist elements in egypt.
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to try to jump on any opar community in order to describe the internet situation in egypt and and thank god that the egyptians are very strong when there was a question of security in the streets of egypt i'm sure a lot nor does that egyptians are out in the streets at night in order to save god . in order to create safety and security for their homes and for their and establishments. egypt egypt is a country of seven thousand years of recorded history egypt is not a banana republic and easy is going to survive these difficulties and we will come out of it much stronger than many of our. let's say i can't see any
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means but many of our so-called friends with me and on that note the whole question of extremism is something that my colleague laura image investigated from london. egypt in turmoil young men out on the streets calling for the unity of the muslim nation ruled by sure. but this isn't cairo it's london where young men are also out on the streets calling for an islamic state this is his but an organization linked to terrorist activities throughout the world it's banned in russia and in some arab countries including egypt but in the u.k. it's allowed to operate freely in britain it's very hard in the current legislation to ban here's what i hear the government when they're out power said they were going to i think once they're in power they've seen how difficult it is with the legislation specifically so i think they'll carry on monitoring the groups that won't do anything to prescribe the trouble in egypt prompted this london
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demonstration with the british arm of his but terror it jumping on the bandwagon to promote their own islamic state in front of the embassy in london was a big demonstration in support and sort of to the uprising in egypt and. the. demonstration wanted to do it. in front of the embassy but actually they. refused and they said this is. demands and it has nothing to do with it. and you want to put this down because this is according to understanding of islam the influence runs both ways the muslim brotherhood egypt's main opposition and a notable incisive of the current demonstrations is according to some a creation of british intelligence you might get the muslim brotherhood. creation from the one thousand. they did in the
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fifty's and sixty's some of those factions in there may have no. other muslim brotherhood with the look into their background their centrally they pretend to be islamists but they're essentially a fabrication of the global. outside muslim countries has put terror enjoys its strongest support here in the u.k. it's organized on university campuses including luton which was attended by the stockholm bomber and although the organization claims it doesn't advocate violence the links are there for all to see she bomber richard reid influenced by his book terror preaches to british suicide bombers who attacked a bar in tel aviv in two thousand and three had contacts. who tried to detonate car bombs in london and glasgow in two thousand and seven influenced by his but terrorism members while studying the government's policy on radical islamic
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organizations while they operate inside the law in the u.k. involves dialogue and debate groups like his but terry are allowed to demonstrate so you plainly hear calling for an end to democracy and the instigation of syria law but the violence in egypt has already spread to the u.k. in the form of demonstrations here at the embassy and the question now being asked is whether every voice with an opinion on egypt's future has the right to be heard your and its r.t. . now our brand new russian passenger plane has been given permission to fly into the new course of world of commercial aviation the sukhoi superjet one hundred is the first designed in the country since the soviet times. the sukhoi superjet one hundred is the first civil aircraft produced in russia since the soviet times which means that it has to be built from scratch and is
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geared up with some of the most modern and advanced equipment it's a short range aircraft people off travelling not further than two or two and a half thousand miles and transporting up to one hundred people way now has been officially certified it got its ticket into the skies this intergovernmental aviation committee includes all of the former soviet republics and according to the . civil aviation company which produces this plane the next step is to get a similar certification from the european air space agency since it's a short range aircraft it's first of all planned that it will take the place off for me off the soviet and al did it planes clearly used by many russian airlines for domestic flights but also many analysts say that this is quite an attractive segment of the market and the super super just one hundred will be very in demand
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internationally as well since it was build from scratch it did take a little longer than planned initially its development took longer and in december italy's alitalia announced that it was canceling its orders but at the moment there are around one hundred and seventy orders for this plane and the civil aviation company says it plans to build at least eleven of them by the end of this year and hopes to boost production to forty or even fifty planes by two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and fourteen. that is the way that. all the nation's business now. hello welcome to our business program. the second day of the russian form is underway in moscow and this year it's attracted a record number of business leaders investors and officials from all over the world artie's dimitri medvedev and co brings us the latest from the form. russia's
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finance minister yesterday was saying that in order for russia to maintain a sustainable rate of growth for more than even four percent a year and russia needs to attract seven to ten percent investment more per year while the figures that the privatization program plays a large part in this and the finance minister said yesterday for example that. the second largest banks not ten percent will be privatized but twenty percent and today we've heard the president's economic advisor actually back this initiative to have privatization going at a faster larger scale. i completely agree we have to be more aggressive in tribal ties in states companies and you i also concur with the idea that should be fully almost fully privatized if it plans to buy other banks in addition i believe that the states shane bank should also be reduced to under fifty percent and not just fifty percent plus one share. in the gift cards
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talk more about what to expect from the state privatization program we're joined by boris jordan from renascence insurance the present of race and service thank you so much for your time with us so do you agree with this approach that privatization go to larger scale yes absolutely a bit. more the government states the russian companies are more competition will be between russian companies and the state will therefore have much less influence in the competition in business so it's our view that it solves two issues that one is competitiveness and number two is that raising the much needed money for the russian government to further growing its investment program. take a look at the markets u.s. stocks have been wavering slaton negative as wall street considers solid solid january sales by retailers inducing economic data that had positively climbing and weekly jobless claims falling. and the russian markets closed down on the day
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energy. percent. percent down as was now said over one and a quarter percent the front runner turned out to become oz the company gained almost a half percent during the day on news that. more than ten percent. and that's all the business of this business for this hour but you can always find more stories on our website. as for watching.
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we use special old french and accents recruitment. ready for replay. you can ask what. ever became their brother. is it true that those who were urging them previously. do so. in a free flight. for the fall we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news.
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this is all new developments in the streets of cairo hundreds of thousands of pro and anti government protesters clashing egypt's further west in the school an immediate transitional. in the u.k. protests provoked by the turmoil in egypt to use pine islamised organization outlawed in many nations as cupboards promote its own so its. i did investigate russia's president the identity of the suicide bomber who killed thirty six in the. busiest airport. to meet him in bed it says there's still work to do to find the money to buy. the founder of the whistle blowing side and wiki leaks
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julian the phone just still wanted in sweden on sex assault charges and could be extradited there from britain but there have been reports that the u.s. also wants someone challenges of espionage. things they could be a political agenda behind us. thanks for sitting down with us today here in stockholm in the work that i've had a chance to read of yours you seem to think the u.s. . has a growing influence on sweden in bigger and bigger ways tell us more about that well of course it's always had a big influence the least since the great wave of immigration. states in the nineteenth century. created the kind of reservoir of goodwill interests all things underneath. all the time.


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